Paintings – 2010 Spring PHAC Show & Sale


Additional Paintings by Bob Yackel

Presented at the 2010 Spring Park Hill Art Club Show & Sale

Old Church in Corrales

Arroyo Hondo 

        Arroyo Hondo Church                       Old Corrales Church

Nuestra Senora de la Luz - Canoncito

New Mexico Village Church






    Nuestra Senora de la Luz                  New Mexico Church


Aspen Leaves

Arroyo Seco Church 





         Arroyo Seco Church                            Aspen Leaves


Morning in Arizona

Bass Harbor Head Light - Maine 





           Morning in Arizona                     Bass Harbor Head Light


White Church Kilborn Sky - A

New Mexico Village II





        Sangre de Cristo II                        New Mexico Village II

Memories of Taos III

Chimayo Bobism Vertical - A






        Memories of Taos III





                                                                El Santuario de Chimayo


3 Responses to “Paintings – 2010 Spring PHAC Show & Sale”

  1. Bob,

    I beg you to paint another High Road to Taos for me to purchase since I missed out on the one you just sold at the church. I’ll even pay a premium for it! I will frame it if you do it. Think about it please or about doing a painting based on the road to Red Rocks. That would also be fun for me. Thanks for your consideration.

    Sincerely, Elizabeth

    • Nancy Yackel Says:

      Hello Elizabeth,
      Thank you for your interest. When “High Road” inspiration hits again I’ll do a similar painting and contact you. It may be a while as I’m currently working on several other subjects. You’ll hear from me when I have a completed work for you to consider.
      Thanks, Bob

  2. Bob Yackel Says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I wanted to let you know I have started the 2nd High road to Taos. Also doing other paintings; I estimate that it will be July when I’m done. Will let you know. Trying to make the copy as close as possible to the original; I was lucky I had made at a colored copy Kinkos.


    Bob Yackel

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