Kilborn Workshop – September 29, 2010


Workshop Day Three – Wednesday

Because yesterday was short on painting time Wednesday was designated as a paint day. For Stephen Paintinganyone needing additional ideas the surrounding scenery offers plenty of inspiration. All one has to do is step out the door and start sketching.

With the additional paint time several of the artists completed more than one painting. Between offering assistance and suggestions Stephen worked on an aspen abstraction.

The lunch break was a pleasant respite from the studio and fueled new energy for the afternoon.


Lunch Table - B 

Bob finished the picture he started yesterday “Aspen at Taos Ski Valley”. Nancy thought it got too busy and was not up to his norm which earned her the title of his “worse critique”. She responds that she’s also his best critique and supporter.


Autumn at Taos Ski Valley - B

Aspen at Taos Ski Valley 


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