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Kilborn Workshop Show – August 2014

Posted in Art, Art Show, Paintings, Watercolors on September 8, 2014 by Nancy Yackel

Friday Night Gallery Show

Kilborn Show - Stephen & LaVerne

To conclude the week artist Stephen Kilborn and wife LaVerne hosts a show at his Taos gallery on Friday evening. A painting by each workshop participant is featured.

Kilborn Show - Bob







Kilborn Show - Dolores Kilborn Show - Fred Kilborn Show - Orell













Kilborn Show - Judy Kilborn Show 1









Kilborn Show - Steve Kilborn Show - Julie








Kilborn Shoe - Karen

Kilborn Show - Marilyn

Kilborn Show - Shannon







Kilborn Show - Monte








Pilar Chapel Painting

Posted in Art, Paintings, Watercolors on September 8, 2014 by Nancy Yackel

Finished Pilar Chapel


Pilar Chapel 2014


Pilar Chapel 2014

By the close of the August Kilborn Workshop Bob completed his latest rendition of the chapel in the rural New Mexico village of Pilar (located on the Rio Grande River south of Taos). Finished and signed.

Kilborn Workshop Paintings – August 2014

Posted in Art, Art Show, Paintings, Watercolors on August 22, 2014 by Nancy Yackel

Paintings of the Week

For the 7th year Bob attended a painting workshop given by Taos artist/potter Stephen Kilborn this week. A Friday evening gallery show wraps up the class with each participant entering one of their works from the week. As of Friday morning Bob was undecided which of the two paintings below he will enter, either the Taos Courtyard in a vignette style or a more abstracted view of the old Arroyo Seco adobe church.

Kilborn Courtyard

Taos Courtyard

Seco Church

Seco Church

Today he will finish a painting of the chapel at Pilar and perhaps start one of the Talpa church, another of his favorite subjects in the Taos area. A successful and inspiring week.

Pilar Church Unfinished

Chapel at Pilar (Work in Progress)

Update – New Paintings – Spring 2014

Posted in Art, Paintings, Watercolors on June 15, 2014 by Nancy Yackel

Recently Completed Works

Bob’s webmaster has been negligent of late. Please enjoy his most recently completed painting, three from the Crested Butte, Colorado area plus one each from Taos, New Mexico and Arizona.


Taos Birdhouses

Downtown Crested Butte

Downtown Crested Butte

False Front Gothic

Gothic False Front

Gothic in Winter II

Winter in Gothic II

High Road 2014

Arizona Back Road




Update – New Paintings – January 2014

Posted in Art, Paintings, Watercolors on January 25, 2014 by Nancy Yackel

Scenes of New Mexico

View the new paintings Bob has completed in the past few months. Some are totally new, some he’s added detail to and some are a new take on a previous subject. Several of these works are available for sale.

Chimayo Church & VillageChimayo Church & Village


Autumn AspenAutumn Aspen Color


CanyonRio Pueblo Canyon


Gumdrop CottonwoodGumdrop Cottonwoods


Lone TreeLone Tree Above the Rio Grande


Pilar CottonwoodsPilar Cottonwoods


Kilborn Workshop – October 2013

Posted in Art, Art Show, Paintings, Watercolors on October 22, 2013 by Nancy Yackel

Fall Colors

The theme for the October 2013 Kilborn workshop in Taos was Fall Colors. For the gallery show on Friday night Bob selected his painting of aspens.


Looking Up

Looking Up

This painting sold at the show but he’s being encourage to paint another version on the theme.


Complete Paintings – September 2013

Posted in Art, Paintings, Watercolors on September 30, 2013 by Nancy Yackel

Four Adobes and An Abstract

Bob’s summer works include four paintings of New Mexico adobes and a colorful departure into the world of abstracts. All are available for sale.


Shop on Ledoux Street


Pink Adobe on Ledoux Street


New Mexico Sunshine


Adobe on Ledoux Street


Red/Yellow Abstract

Kilborn Workshop – July 2013

Posted in Art, Paintings, Watercolors on July 18, 2013 by Nancy Yackel

Workshop Paintings

The Kilborn workshops focus on Abstracting the Landscape. On the fourth day Bob  loosens his normal style.

IMG_4433 - Version 2Pink Adobe

Afterwards Bob used the same sketches from Taos’ Ledoux Street to capture the scene in his usual style. This one is unfinished, after he adds the final details we’ll post the completed work.

IMG_4432 - Version 2

July 17, 2013

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Stephen Kilborn Workshop – Taos, NM

For the sixth year in a row Bob is attending a painting workshop offered by Taos artist Stephen Kilborn. In the first three days Bob has completed two painting, much quicker than he paints at home; but, he’s very focused and putting in pretty intense hours. Each workshop participants enter’s  one work compleed during the week for a special show at the Kilborn Gallery on friday, July 19, 2013, 6-8 pm.

Kilborn Courtyard 2013Old Phillips Studio


Shop on Ledoux Street

Shop on Ledoux Street


New Paintings – June 2013

Posted in Art, Paintings, Watercolors on June 30, 2013 by Nancy Yackel

Two Abstracts and a New Adobe Church

Bob recently broke away from his familiar and signature style to do a couple of abstracts.

Red Abstract

Red Abstract 

Not Available

Web AbstractWeb Abstract


After considerable coaxing from his wife Bob painted the distinctive 200-year-old adobe church at the Pueblo of Picuris, southeast of Taos. The day we visited numerous members of the Pueblo were working on maintaining the church and grounds. We were fortunate to see the detailed, recently- restored interior.

Picurus ChurchSan Lorenzo de Picuris Church

Pueblo of Picuris, New Mexico