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New Painting – April 25, 2012

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Gothic, Colorado

Winter in GothicWinter in Gothic


After much encouragement Bob left New Mexico behind and looked to the Colorado mountains for his latest painting. The inspiration came from a photograph son Eric took on a cross country ski trip to Gothic this winter. Eric's Gothic Photo 2012

Gothic is located 8 miles north of Crested Butte, CO. A silver mining boom town in the 1880s, Gothic faded to ghost town status. Today the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory populates Gothic in summer for research and education about high-altitude ecosystems.    


Photo © by Eric Yackel



Kilborn Workshop – July 19, 2011

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Phish House – Sketch & Paint

Tuesday morning workshop participants gathered at a private home, the Martinez House, to sketch and photograph the unique characteristics of the adobe built in the 1920s.

Sketching at Meredith's House

Windows, doors, vigas, stairway and landscape features – each artist found different details to place in their paintings. You can see where Bob drew his inspiration for the day. 

Photo of Meredith's House - B








Meredith's House - B




Adapting his own style and whimsy there’s more details to be added before Bob considers this a completed work.

Stephen Kilborn Workshop – July 18, 2011

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Hidden Taos

For the fourth consecutive year Bob is attending one of the watercolor workshops given by Taos artist and potter Stephen Kilborn. The theme Bob selected this year is Hidden Taos, little known locations in the Taos area. This would seem to b a perfect fit since Bob’s favorite subject matter is adobe architecture.

Stephen with Painting - B

The Kilborn workshops focus on abstracting the landscape. Bob doesn’t approach his paintings with a great deal of abstraction but the weeklong workshops have proven to be great inspiration and motivation. Through these experiences he has found his own style and technique.

The basic format for the workshops is on location sketching in the morning before arriving at the Kilborn studio in Pilar, New Mexico. After a delicious lunch prepared by Stephen’s wife, LaVerne, participants spend the afternoon painting in the studio. Nearing 4:00pm it’s time for margaritas and a critique of the days work. Participants come from multiple states and art experience ranging from novices to art teachers, a comfortable environment for all.

Pilar - MondayOn Monday, the first day of class, the group sketched and gained inspiration from Pilar’s surrounding vistas of mesas, pinon pines and the Rio Grande. Bob never finishes a painting in one afternoon but he got a great start, even having time to incorporate hundreds of his tiny squares. We’ll see the finished painting sometime in the future.

*New*–July 2012

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Summertime on Canyon Road

Summertime on Canyon Road - B


Bob completed this watercolor some time ago and I’ve been slow to get it on the website. The scene recalls many walks along Santa Fe’s well loved Canyon Road, a narrow, curving street bordered by  galleries, restaurants, shops and adobe abodes.

We’ve found that Sunday mornings are a favorite time for us to explore Canyon Road, when all is quiet. An ideal time for photos or just to enjoy the sense of place. Peeking into gallery windows we make a list of which ones we’ll return to visit.

The watercolor Summertime on Canyon Road is 11”x15”, matted for a 16”x20” frame.

*New*–March 14, 2011

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Apples and Pears II

Apples and Pears - B


Apples and pears tempt the eyes and taste buds. “Bobism” squares and artful inking give the painting a fresh feel.

The watercolor and ink Apples and Pears II is 11”x15”, matted for a 16”x20” frame.

*New*–March 10, 2011

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Saguaro Home

Saguaro Home - B


Bob returns to the Sonoran desert in his latest completed watercolor. Two Elf Owls peek out from their nest in a giant saguaro. Woodpeckers punch out the holes that are later inhabited by a large variety of wildlife. The painting reminds me of the Tucson area with the nearby Catalina Mountains.

The watercolor Saguaro Home is 11”x15”, matted for a 16”x20” frame.

*New* – March 4, 2011

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New Mexico Adobe Churches

New Mexico Adobe Churches - B


Drawing from dozens of sketches of the historic adobe churches found in Northern New Mexico Bob combined nine of his favorites into one  painting. He’s featured each of these subjects in his works over the years – from the much visited Santuario de Chimayo to the private chapel in Pilar. This time they come together in a montage tour of New Mexico Adobe Churches

The watercolor and ink New Mexico Adobe Churches is 11”x15”, matted for a 16”x20” frame.

*New*–January 26, 2011

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Sunrise on the Sonoran Desert

Sonoran Desert - March 2011 - B


As snow continues to accumulate in the Colorado Rockies Bob’s latest painting brings us a bright sunrise on the Sonoran Desert of southeastern Arizona. I especially like the back lighting affect he achieved on the majestic saguaros. I wish I could head down that desert path tomorrow morning.

The watercolor and ink Sunrise on the Sonoran Desert is 11”x15”, matted for a 16”x20” frame.

*New*–December 3, 2010

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Apples, Apples, Apples III

Apples, Apples, Apples II - B


Bob’s spent the last month working on a number of very different pieces, depending on his mood and motivation. Several people have  asked when he was going to paint more fruit. Apples, Apples, Apples II is the first to be completed. A few of Bob’s signature squares subtly appear and create depth.

Apple trees in the Denver area produced a hearty crop this year. We’re still enjoying homemade applesauce, fresh apple pies and crunchy apple salads.

Apples, Apples, Apples II measures 8.5×11” and will be matted for an 11×14” frame

*New*–October 29, 2010

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Santuario de Chimayo

Santuario de Chimayo 10-29-2010 - B


Inspired by a visit to Santuario de Chimayo earlier this month Bob painted the well known church north of Santa Fe. What’s missing is the constant stream of visitors.

The painting is 8 1/2”x 11”, matted for a 11”x14” frame.


Arroyo Hondo Revisited

Arroyo Hondo Revisited - B


A graceful archway and stone walk lead to Nuestra Senora de Los Dolores in the village of Arroyo Hondo north of Taos. Bob has depicted the adobe church numerous times in a playful “tipsy” style.

The painting is 11”x15 ”, matted for a 16”x20” frame.