New Mexico Churches

  Art Available for Purchase

Picurus Church

San Lorenzo de Picuris Church – Sold

Morning Sky on Seco

Bob's Painting 5-15-12

Sangre de Cristo

Pilar Chapel 

Pilar Chapel 2012 – Sold

Arroyo Seco in Bloom

Arroyo Seco in Bloom – Sold

New Mexico Adobe Churches - B

New Mexico Adobe Churches

Ranchos de Taos - April 2011 - B

Ranchos de Taos Church – Sold

Santisima  Trinidad - B

Santisima Trinidad

Seco - April 2011 - B

Conception Inmaculada – Ranchitos

Arroyo Seco Bobism 2 - A - ASC

Santisima Trinidad – Arroyo Seco


White Church in Brown - A - NMIV    Sangre De Cristo – Cuarteles

Las Talpas Church - NMCIV

San Luis Gonzelo de Amarante

Las Tablas

San Miguel Church - NMCIIISan Miguel – La Puente

Arroyo Seco Church - A - ASC

Santisima Trinidad – Arroyo Seco

If you’re interested in purchasing one of the available paintings please contact Bob at



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