Kilborn Workshop Show – Taos, New Mexico


Aspens and Cottonwoods Workshop Opening

Friday – Oct. 1, 2010

The culmination of each Stephen Kilborn workshop is a showing of the students’ paintings on Friday evening. Each participant selects one work from the week’s painting effort. The Kilborn studio mats and frames the selections. The art work is hung in the Kilborn Gallery in Taos with an evening opening reception.

Holly and Nancy - B The Aspens and Cottonwoods Opening drew a large crowd this evening, a combination of local artists and residents, friends and Taos tourists. Shedding their painting attire for dressier duds the participants end the week in near giddy gaiety. Paintings were sold and many of us stocked up on Kilborn pottery.

Early in the week the four ladies who had never painted before were dubbed “The Taos Four.” Their spirit and willingness to explore new experiences brought joy for all those involved. Plus, they each proved they could pick up a paint brush with winning results. I guess that makes Stephen the Founding Father. Fun was had by all!

Taos Four and the Founding Father - B

Bob’s entry in the show was “Aspen Lollipops”, an almost whimsical depiction of autumn’s changing colors combined with “Bobism” – a multitude of small squares which add shading and depth.

Bob with Painting - B

New friendships were made, creative inspiration and techniques shared, and great food and comradery enjoyed. Before the evening is over several of the students discuss a return for one of the 2011 workshops.Bob and LaVern - B

While workshop days can be long and intense Bob and LaVerne Kilborn found time for fun and frivolity.

Stephen Kilborn painting workshops scheduled for 2011.

Hidden Taos – July 17-22  – Little known locations in the Taos Area

Aspens and Cottonwoods – September 25-30 – Maybe the most beautiful time to be in Taos.

View all the participants and their painting.


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