*New* – October 23, 2010

New Mexico Quilt Grande

New Mexico Quilt Grande - B Available

Bob just completed the largest in his New Mexico Quilt Series. The watercolor and ink painting measures 11”x15”, matted for a 16”x20” frame. Eighteen individual frames celebrate the essence of Northern New Mexico. The San Jose de Gracia de Las Trampas church takes center stage with a supporting cast of adobe walls, hollyhocks, mountain peaks, sheep and chamisa.

Bob reports this may be his favorite work to date.

Enchanted Valley II

Enchanted Valley II - B Available 

Also recently completed is a view reminiscent of the Valverde Valley along the Rio Grande River between Espanola and Taos. Framed by mountain peaks and mesas, fertile fields, orchards and vineyards produce a bounty of crops. The matted 11”x15” watercolor will fit in a 16”x20” frame.

These two paintings will join more than a half-dozen other new works by Bob to be included in the Park Hill Art Club Show and Sale scheduled for November 5-7, 2010. See below for more show details.


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