Kilborn Workshop–July 20, 2011


Rio Pueblo Landscapes

Wednesday was landscape day with the workshop group gathering southwest of Taos, overlooking a scenic canyon cut by the Rio Pueblo. Nearby the river flows into the Rio Grande.

Rio Pueblo Canyon - B

Bob Sketching - Rio Pueblo - B

Spring green foliage along the river banks glistened in the morning sunlight. The rocky canyon walls later appeared in the artists’ paintings in a multitude of colors. Everyone’s still trying to decide what the herd of animals on the other side of the gorge were – pronghorn antelope, elk, mule deer, sheep, goats? All agree they were not cows or horses. Will Kathy’s zoom lens give us an answer? Update – they were goats, which is what Bob said – right again.

After returning to the studio everyone got busy creating their individual Rio Pueblo interpretations. During the critique session the consensus was that Bob’s colorful rendition was complete. I bet he can’t help but add some final touches.

Rio Pueblo - B



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