Stephen Kilborn Painting Workshop – Taos, New Mexico

 Sunday Meet and Greet

Kilborn Sign - B

Taos painter and potter Stephen Kilborn offers several painting workshops each year. Past “Abstracting the LandscapGallery Fireplace - Be” themes have included Churches of Taos, Old Adobes and Rio Grande Landscapes. The theme for the week of September 27-October 1, 2010 is Aspens and Cottonwoods, in recognition of New Mexico’s  changing fall colors.

The group gathers at the Kilborn Gallery in Taos on Sunday afternoon. Stephen gives a brief personal history of his evolution from Santa Fe furniture maker to potter to painter. It’s especially interesting to hear of his artistic influences  while surrounded by his vibrant paintings.

Stephen Kilborn with Painting - B

The dozen participants introduce themselves and share a few words about their art background. This week’s students come from Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington and the local Taos area. Painting experience ranges from “never before” to those who have painted and taught for decades. Half the class are returning for their second, third or fourth Kilborn workshop.

An outline of the week’s schedule – on-site sketching, lunch by wife LaVerne, afternoon painting in Kilborn’s Pilar studio, daily critique accompanied by margaritas – heightens enthusiasm and anticipation for Monday morning.


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