Kilborn Workshop – September 27, 2010


Monday – Workshop Day One

Pilar Studio with Sign - B

Armed with painting paraphernalia workshop participants head to the Stephen Kilborn Pottery Studio in Pilar. The morning’s sketching Pilar Mesa and Chamisa - B site is along the banks of the nearby Rio Grande River shaded by ancient cottonwoods with thick sturdy trunks and dark twisted limbs. The dense canopy of leaves gleam green with signs of autumn still in the future. The yellow blooms of silvery chamisa adds bright foreground to the landscape of mountain slopes and mesas.

Lunch on the patio brings oohs and aahs of appreciation. Daily LaVerne prepares a delightful LaVerne with Gloves - B repast that’s the envy of friends and spouses when they hear the detailed descriptions each evening. The talented and vivacious chef always adds a dash of fun and frolic. Even the rubber gloves deserve notice.

No afternoon siestas allowed. It’s time to break out the brushes and paints and let the creativity flow. Stephen demonstrates and offers direction and advice as needed.

 Nearing four o’clock everyone begins cleanup. Assistant HollyStephen Demonstrating - B mixes margaritas to accompany the afternoon critique session. The four “newbies” are quickly named the “Taos Four”, what they lack in experience they make up for with energy, humor and eagerness to learn.

Bob got a good start on adobes sheltered by a giant cottonwood. Using his “Bobism” squares takes lots of time, with paintings rarely complete in one session. More tomorrow!

Monday's Painting - B



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